No More Money Flying Out The Window



REHAU’s uPVC windows are thermally efficient, reducing your expenses to heat or cool your home. REHAU’s windows fitted with either single or double glazing keep your home comfortable all year round. Should you still wish to use an air conditioner or heater during extreme weather conditions, your costs will be minimized as the heat transfer through REHAU’s windows and doors is restricted.


The thermal image (left, top) shows how much heat is lost through the windows before replacement with uPVC windows (left, bottom).


REHAU Tritec and Ecotec are becoming widely specified across the domestic and commercial sector markets, where their ability to meet and better the ‘U’ value targets laid down in SANS 204 are being recognized. With differing glazing options, e.g. double glazed units, very low ‘U’ values can be achieved providing extremely efficient energy saving figures suitable for SANS 204 qualification.


Before renovation:

Plenty of energy is lost, especially through the windows.

After renovation:

Minimization of energy losses with new REHAU uPVC windows.